[HNW] household needlework 1500s - English

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at acadia.net
Thu Sep 12 11:53:49 PDT 2002

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<<The book about them by Santina levy is currently out of print,>>

"Elizabethan Treasures: The Hardwick Hall Textiles" is still very
much in print, and available. You should be aware it was published in
England by the National Trust under a slightly different title.

<<Ideally, I'm looking for information/pictures for 1500-1550, but
anytime during that century would be helpful. >>

You might also consider checking the V&A's website and looking at
some of the objects posted there - almost all of the objects on
display in the British Galleries are posted. There are some
exceptional pieces on display, including a lot of household textiles
and needlework.

Go to www.vam.ac.uk , click on "exploring", then "British Galleries",
and then on "objects", which will take you to something called The
British History Library.


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