[HNW] lucets

Charlene Charette perronnelle at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 12 21:56:45 PDT 2002

My EGA chapter will be doing a demo next month at a Texas through
history site.  The chapter usually sits on the porch, stitches, and
talks with the patrons.  I don't currently have a stitch outside travel
project and was thinking it might be fun to bring a couple of lucets and
let people try it.  Before committing to that I'd like a bit more
history on lucets.  I don't need to be an expert, but I'd like to be
able to handle the simple questions of what time period(s) and what do
you do with the cord.  I'm not entirely convinced it goes back to Viking
era so I'll probably not mention that.  What other evidence do we have?
I've heard renaissance and Victorian.  Any suggestions?


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