[HNW] lucets

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at acadia.net
Fri Sep 13 12:38:57 PDT 2002

<<I'm not entirely convinced it goes back to Viking
era so I'll probably not mention that.  What other evidence do we have?
I've heard renaissance and Victorian.  Any suggestions?>>

The *result* of a lucetted cord does go back to Viking times, but
there is no way of  knowing how the cord was made - it may have been
made with a tool, or it may have been made on the fingers. The cords
have been found in early archaeological sites (I don't know the
earliest known), but no one can say they were made on what we call a

Victorian lucets tend to be the ones with long handles. The ones
without a handle, like a lyre, tend to be 17 - 18c.

The same tool is often known as a chain fork, for obvious reasons.
You'll find the technique in the Ashley Book of Knots, under the
section on sennets.

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