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What type of series is this. Somehow I get the feeling it's not exactly a
needlework series or am I wrong??

Mistress Bunny

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> Apologies for the cross posting, but I have to share this news.  While
>  browsing my favorite forthcoming book site, I found an announcement that
>  Monica Ferris will have a new "Crewel World" book out sometime next
>  winter.  The site says January, but that's subject to change.  :-)

and claning at igc.net added:
>Also Margaret Frazier will have a new "Dame Frevisse" out in January,
>"The Bastard's Tale." Tentative title for the next one after that is
>"The Hunter's Tale" (details not available).

Oh, good! I was hoping she'd keep the Crewel World series going. Uh, you ARE
aware that Frazier and Ferris are the same person, right? Does anyone have a
copy of The Bishop's Tale? I'm trying to fill in the holes and that one
to be unobtainable.

Jo Anne

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