[HNW] Re: lucets

Tasha McGann demontsegur at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 16 06:26:43 PDT 2002

Deborah Pulliam wrote:
> The *result* of a lucetted cord does go back to
> Viking times, but
> there is no way of  knowing how the cord was made -
> it may have been
> made with a tool, or it may have been made on the
> fingers. The cords
> have been found in early archaeological sites (I
> don't know the
> earliest known), but no one can say they were made
> on what we call a
> lucet.

Given the previous discussion on this list (or was it
H-Costume? I get confused...), I was under the
impression that something resembling a lucet was found
in Viking archaeologic evidence, but not actually any
cords that could have been made in that fashion. If,
in fact, cords have been found, can you point me to
the source for this information? I don't want to give
out bad information to people concerning lucets. And,
I have been asked a few times since those last
discussions. <sigh>


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