[HNW] New Books

Báine baine at microcore.net
Mon Sep 16 08:24:06 PDT 2002

"Crewel World" is a themed mystery series involving a woman who owns a
needlework shop and just happens to get involved solving mysteries.  They
usually have some sort of needlework or cross stitch pattern printed in the back
of the book.  I, personally, buy them for the stories as I enjoy mysteries and
these are, IMO, very tightly written.  There are 5 books out so far and this
would be the sixth.

The "Dame Frevisse" series take place in the realm of Henry VI.  She's a nun who
gets involved in solving mysteries.  I haven't read any of them yet, but they're
on my to-do list.  Think an English "Sister Fidelma" set about 700 years later
and England rather than Ireland is what I've been told.  :-)

Connie Marie Carroll wrote:

> What type of series is this. Somehow I get the feeling it's not exactly a
> needlework series or am I wrong??
> Mistress Bunny

> Oh, good! I was hoping she'd keep the Crewel World series going. Uh, you ARE
> aware that Frazier and Ferris are the same person, right? Does anyone have a
> copy of The Bishop's Tale? I'm trying to fill in the holes and that one
> seems
> to be unobtainable.
> Jo Anne

Found 8 copies listed priced from $14.50(US) to $175.00(US) on BookFinder.com.
Hope this helps.  <smile>


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