[HNW] New Books

Catherine Kinsey Ckinsey at kumc.edu
Mon Sep 16 10:18:57 PDT 2002

Oh, good! I was hoping she'd keep the Crewel World series going. Uh, you
aware that Frazier and Ferris are the same person, right? Does anyone
have a
copy of The Bishop's Tale? I'm trying to fill in the holes and that
to be unobtainable.

Jo Anne
I think Frazier was a collaboration with another writer and they have
since gone their separate ways.  Here is Mary Pulver's homepage which
has information on all her pseudonyms:


There is talk of a hardcover 'Crewel World' book for Christmas 2003 but
she's having trouble finding a title.  Apparently trying to combine a
stitching term, murder term, Christmas and a wedding in one title is a
little difficult :).

Love her books, they are my stress releif when I have had to many


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