[HNW] Re: mysteries... somewhat OT

Liz / Cozit cozit at comcast.net
Mon Sep 16 13:12:01 PDT 2002

Fraisier and Ferris *aren't* the same person.  Mary Monica Pulver wrote
the Dame Frevisse series with a friend... who took over the pseudonym
entirely when Mary Monica began to lose interest with the darkness of
the mysteries (among other things)... also about the time that she was
approached to write the Needlewoman Mysteries.  Monica Ferris was chosen
as the new pseudonym because Berkley didn't want the series associated
with either of Mary Monica Pulver's older series (the first being the
Murder at War and following books... can't remember the main character's
name right now).

.... BTW, Ferris comes from the Ferris wheel near Excelsior where the
mysteries take place... more or less...

She's been very active on the rec.crafts.textiles.needlework newsgroup
for the last few years, and gets lots of help when she asks for it from
the folks there, when it comes to figuring out some of the little
niddley-piddley details about various specifics, or generic suggestions
of names/projects/etc.   She also has been known to complain that we're
a bad influence on her stash gathering habits :-)  And she's a *very*
nice and gracious lady, both over the web and in person.

BTW, her website is at http://hometown.aol.com/MaryPulver/

And I've found all of her books a very nice read, looking forward to the
next one end of December/beginning of Janurary.


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