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At 10:47 PM -0400 9/15/02, Jafath at aol.com wrote:
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>>  Apologies for the cross posting, but I have to share this news.  While
>>   browsing my favorite forthcoming book site, I found an announcement that
>>   Monica Ferris will have a new "Crewel World" book out sometime next
>>   winter.  The site says January, but that's subject to change.  :-)
>and claning at igc.net added:
>>Also Margaret Frazier will have a new "Dame Frevisse" out in January,
>>"The Bastard's Tale." Tentative title for the next one after that is
>>"The Hunter's Tale" (details not available).
>Oh, good! I was hoping she'd keep the Crewel World series going. Uh, you ARE
>aware that Frazier and Ferris are the same person, right?

Well, sort of. The original "Margaret Frazier" was a partnership
between Gail Frazier and Monica Pulver. They wrote the first few
books in the Dame Frevisse series together. The rest of the Dame
Frevisse books have all been by Gail working alone.

I would guess that Monica Pulver and Monica Ferris are the same
person and that "Crewel World" is hers? And actually, I haven't
encountered it; presumably that one _is_ needlework-related? Dame
Frevisse certainly isn't.

>Does anyone have a copy of The Bishop's Tale? I'm trying to fill in
>the holes and that one seems
>to be unobtainable.

Try again now. It went out of print for some reason and stayed that
way for a long time, but it's been reprinted -- i bought a copy in

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