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Wed Sep 18 06:37:33 PDT 2002

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A friend of mine is a bookseller (medievalbookstore.com) and she sent me the
following, her name is Janet Davis:

Thanks for the forwards from Hcostume.  The first series they were talking
about is a mystery series by the lady who wrote Murder at the War.  If no one
else has corrected the poster, Ferris (Mary Monica Pulver) and Margaret
Frazer are not the same person.  For many years, Margaret Frazer was 2
ladies, Mary Monica Pulver (aka Ferris) and Gail Frazer (who we've met at
Kalamazoo).  However, for at least the last 6 books, Gail Frazer has been
writing them by herself.  If you want to send this as a reply with my name on
it, go ahead.

I have forwarded messages about books from the historical costuming list to
her (thus the reply).  If anyone is looking for books they cannot get you
might want to contact her.  Many of you may know her from Kalamazoo or an SCA
event.  Her direct email is:
castle at erie.net


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