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Very nice, but it won't let me in to read it.  What does it say?  E-mail me
offlist if you have to - to date, nothing I have ever tried has let me into
Yahoo to read things.

> > Hail the list!
> >
> > I am interested in period crochet work.  Does
> > anyone have any information
> > on this for me or can anyone give me some
> > guidance on where to start?
>Depending on what your period is..... If it's before about 1800, take a look
>This is the best research I've been able to come up with -- always subject to
>correction of course.
>If it's after 1800, I'd recommend Lis Paludan's _Crochet: History and
>Techniques_. (I don't have full book info because I'm at work and the book's
>at home, and I seem to recall hearing it had gone out of print, but it should
>still be findable used if not new.)
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