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I also noticed a couple of other (even LESS related to needlework...) howlers
in "The Poyson Garden" (though it's fun to read).

(1) It's implied that something flavored with saffron uses saffron _leaves_

(2) Sir Henry Carey is not and never was "Lord Carey", especially not before
Elizabeth takes the throne. After her coronation she gave him a barony, making
him Lord Hunsdon, but as a knight he's just plain "Sir Henry."

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002 10:40:47 -0400 Kirrily Robert <skud at infotrope.net> wrote:

> > What were the titles.
> The one with the samplers was Karen Harper's
> "The Poyson Garden", and
> the one with the blackworked doublet was Fiona
> Buckley's "The Doublet
> Affair".
> K.
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