[HNW] Three Elizabethan/Stuart needlework books online

Kirrily Robert skud at infotrope.net
Thu Sep 19 12:22:15 PDT 2002

I am pleased to announce the availability of three Elizabethan/Stuart
era needlework pattern books on my website.  I've scanned them in and
I've made them available in resolutions for convenience and detail.

A booke of curious and strange inventions, called the first part of
Needleworkes, William Barley, 1596

A Schole-house for the Needle, Richard Schorleyker, 1632

A second booke of flowers, fruicts, beasts, birds and flies exactly
drawne, George Humble, 1635(?)

They can all be found at: http://infotrope.net/sca/textiles/embroidery/

Please feel free to pass this on to any other mailing lists that may be
interested, or to make links to this website.


(SCA: Katherine Rowberd)

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