[HNW] Period crochet

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Sun Sep 22 19:02:25 PDT 2002

> > I think that the fact that new technique of
> > >publishing pictures that are very clear helped this explosion. These
> > >engravings(?) are so clear that often you can count the stitches when
> > >you need to.
> >
> > The earlier engravings were done by hand, not by photography.  So whether
> > or not you can work from the engravings depends on the skill of the
> > engraver.  Some engravers only showed the general shape of the work, while
> > others (bless them) showed every little thread crossing.
>I'm sure that some new technique was involved but I don't know the name.
>It made pictures cheaper to print thus many more were used. And in a
>pattern book that would be a real seller.

I guess my point here was that photo-gravure, where the printing plate is
made directly from a photograph, is a later printing advance.  I'll ask
this question of my historical-needlework friend who owns a cast-iron
printing press.  She'd know.

Meanwhile, you are correct.  The times were right, the technology was
right, crochet had indeed been invented, and suddenly there were many
published things like Godey's Lady's Book, with all their nicely
illustrated needlework examples.


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