[HNW] 14th Century Embroideries

Alexandria Doyle dragonlair at wireweb.net
Mon Sep 23 14:57:00 PDT 2002

Greeting all, this past weekend I was approached by a SCA fighter man who has decided to do more than just fighting and asked for information regarding embroidery in the mid to late 14th century.  I was a bit at a lost because I usually do late 16th century embroidery.
We've set him up on a beginning project to embroider his arms, using cotton floss and fabric.  I told him I'd research the proper stitches for him to use and also look for some good resources that he can use to get started as well.

So, what sources should I be pointing him to?  What style of embroidery was done in the mid to late 14th century? Stitches?  Future projects?


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