[HNW] 14th Century Embroideries

Mary Edenfield ladymari at cybertrails.com
Tue Sep 24 07:47:03 PDT 2002

So, what sources should I be pointing him to?  What style of embroidery was
done in the mid to late 14th century? Stitches?  Future projects?
i'll have to wade through the books to make up a list of sources, but if i
remember right, the 14th century was the time of opus angelcanum. where the
entire fabric was covered with embroidery, at least on eccleseastical
things. most used was stem and split stitches, along with gold and silver
threads done in underside couching. For a good general how to embroidery
reference, i highly recommend Erica wilson's embroidery book. [she did
several but that is the title of the big general one] it's long out of
print, but copies can be found on ebay and abe books for under $20. i also
carry some new books from the Royal school of needlework in london, both
historical and howto,

mairi, atenveldt

Mary Edenfield
Canyon Keep Enterprises
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