[HNW] period wwall hangings

Kat kat at iprimus.com.au
Wed Sep 25 01:30:16 PDT 2002

Ther is an amazing book (though not easy to get a hold of.... took mne two
years to find it to buy it) but should have copies in the library (our local
does and I have borrowed it so many times.....)
It is great for anything to do wiht Italian decor....

Thornton, Peter, " THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE INTERIOR" published last 1991.
Out of print now.
It has whole sections on walls and wall coverings etc.
Try it.....
Katerina da Brescia
> >i am hoping somebody here will have an idea;-) i would like to
> >embroider some wall hangings for the inside of my merchant booth, to
> >hang in front of the area we use for a kitchen, to hide all the mess
> >and mundanities there. i am looking for something along the lines of
> >crewelwork hangings, but most of those examples are post 1600

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