[HNW] Admin: period reminder

Thu Sep 26 05:43:07 PDT 2002

Perhaps this could be more strongly worded in the welcome message sent when
people join the list?  In bold face? or caps? :-)
(The fact that the list is hosted on an SCA-kingdom webserver and people often
hear about it from SCA friends or in A&S classes makes this an easy mistake, so
"includes all time periods" doesn't register as well as "the term 'period' is
meaningless" as stated below.) :-)))

- Carol Hanson (SCA: Caryl de Trecesson)

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> This list is open to all who have an interest in historic needlework.
> While a large number of list members are in the SCA, this is not an
> SCA-only list.  Therefore, discussions of SCA-only topics should be
> taken to email or a more appropriate mailing list.
> Also, the term "period" is meaningless for this list.  Please specify
> what period you are discussing.  Broad terms such as English Civil War,
> Victorian, or Renaissance are fine.
> I now return you to your regularly scheduled discussions.  :)
> Thank you,
> --Charlene
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