[HNW] Rumor control--could someone please verify?

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Thu Sep 26 12:50:37 PDT 2002

Go to www.lacis.com , and it explains that she did pass away...

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Subject: [HNW] Rumor control--could someone please verify?

> Information was passed along to me that Kaethe, the founder/owner of Lacis
> in Berkeley, passed away in August. Could someone please take a moment and
> verify the accuracy of this information for me? It's been passed along
> through about 5 different people, and there seems to be some confusion.
> As a somewhat amusing aside, at one point our own Kayta was being reported
> as dead; I explained to several rather surprised people that the
> information is either wildly incorrect, or Kayta is now e-mailing from the
> Great Beyond, as she posted to this list either Tuesday or Wednesday.
> Thanks everyone, for helping with this "rumor control," and thanks, Kayta,
> for giving me the opportunity to use Mark Twain's famous quote. ;-)
> Dawn Jacobson
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