[HNW] Rumor control--could someone please verify?

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Thu Sep 26 18:04:13 PDT 2002

Gosh, I didn't think I was dead.  It was the other one who died, sigh, and
all her expertise with her.  We locals, who could go in and ask her
questions, will miss her a lot.

I'm the Käthe who goes by 'Kayta', and she was the Käthe who went by
'Katie'.  Other dead Käthes include Käthe Kruse, maker of cloth dolls in
the 1920s (company still in business), and Käthe Kollwitz, German artist,
who died in 1945 in Berlin.

>As a somewhat amusing aside, at one point our own Kayta was being reported
>as dead; I explained to several rather surprised people that the
>information is either wildly incorrect, or Kayta is now e-mailing from the
>Great Beyond, as she posted to this list either Tuesday or Wednesday.
>Thanks everyone, for helping with this "rumor control," and thanks, Kayta,
>for giving me the opportunity to use Mark Twain's famous quote. ;-)


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