[HNW] veils

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Fri Sep 27 05:32:31 PDT 2002

><I was wondering if anyone knew if it is period to embroidery veils?>
>I used to wonder about that, too. I'd read books that stated, with
>authority, that veils in the medieval period (England and France) were
>embroidered, as if they were reading accounts. Yet I don't believe I've
>ever seen primary evidence showing this. I took the safe route and made my
>medieval veils white, so I'd be highly curious if anyone on the List has
>seen primary evidence of any kind. (OK I doubt there are extant veils, but
>how about wardrobe accounts referring to them?)

In the early 1500s, some German women wore head wraps, some of which were
covered by what look like embroidered thin pieces of cloth.  Is this what
you mean by 'veil'?  (I must admit that when you said 'veil', all I could
think of was what brides wore in the 20th century.)


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