[HNW] Re: design motifs (sorry, mine's long, too)

Eowyn Amberdrake eowyna at sca-caid.org
Sat Apr 5 15:38:10 PST 2003

Eowyn to Gerald and the list,

This is fun -- I am, at the moment, in the last throes of
another project, so cannot talk at much length.

>What you're doing is challenging the accepted wisdom
>regarding Celtic art

Thank you, but I'm definately not the one doing the
challenging.  I am following the lead of my sources, which
include Allen, Nordenfalk, and others.

>J. Romilly Allen is perhaps unfamiliar with Insular art.

I apologize for not citing him more fully -- I expected
that you'd recognize his name.  He is a
turn-of-the-century (1900, not 2000) researcher in
Scotland, who co-wrote the _Early Christian Monuments in
Scotland_ (often abbreviated to ECMS).  He is the one who
visited every (or nearly every ) monument known in
Scotland in his time.  He used that new-fangled
photographic technology, and the more tried-and-true paper
rubbings technology to map out the exact form of the
interlace, frets, spirals, etc. His original research
papers are now housed in the British Museum (not on
display, however). ECMS was published in 1903.  Volume 1
has every style of interlace used on Pictish stones
catalogued, and cross-referenced to other uses of the same
motif in English and Continental sources.  A quite
comprehensive work, and I recommend it to you.  It was
recently (1993) re-issued in paperback by Pinkfoot Press,
making this seminal work widely available for the first

J. Romilly Allen was quite familiar with Insular art.

Hmm - and this is the second time you've mentioned the
disk and arcs with Copts and  Amish together.  Sorry --
don't see the connection to the discussion.  I thought the
discussion subject was interlacing, not disks with arcs. I
am puzzled about why you brought it up, but I quite agree
with you that this disk/arc motif  you allude to is most
likely to have arisen separately in all cultures under
discussion, and a few that are not.

More later,

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