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> Hmm - and this is the second time you've mentioned the
> disk and arcs with Copts and  Amish together.

Oops--my apologies to Eowyn and the list.  I hate to repeat myself.  However
the same argument might be made with regard to "Chinese" cloud forms popping
up in Mayan art--they do, and the designs are very similar, but we really do
need to show the medium of communication before we assert that there's a
causal connection.  Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki and Ra voyages were intended to
establish the physical possiblility of communications across oceans, and
bravo to him for trying--one of the heroes of archaeology--but we still do
not accept the Peruvian to Easter Island or Egypt to Brazil connections,
because we have not established a regular trade route.  We do accept Chinese
porcelain being an important influence on 1500s Dutch pottery, because we can
show many multiple voyages, and the unmistakable  influence on pottery known
to have been produced at Delft.  With regard to Coptic influence on
interlace--we need to show more than one book, or textile, arriving in
England, preferably a regular trade route, and we need to show the
unmistakable effort to copy.

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