[HNW] Where to find these supplies?

Mary M. Riedel mmriedel at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 19 05:47:54 PDT 2003

I did a quick Google on Bockens and found it here:


Appleton's varies in price.  I found the most cost effective price by order from the UK (and I got it in a week), but it is readily available.  I used Sew Exciting in the UK:  http://www.sewexciting.co.uk

Jenny June (in the USA) carries several linen twills for traditional crewel work:  standard linen twill, oyster linen twill, and heavy linen twill (also called Jacobean linen twill.


Jenny June also carries Appleton's crewel is you don't want to order from overseas.


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