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At 12:16 AM 23/04/2003 -0500, you wrote:
 >As a newbie to the list, here is one of the biggest headaches I have while
 >doing my research, especially as regards early period and ancient period
 >needlework:  So many sources on these topics use "embroidery" to mean
 >embellishment, or think they are describing the needle and thread
 >decorations that their culture is most familiar with.

But isn't embroidery a form of embellishment? And I'm not sure what the
last comment means either?

 >If you have "Pre-Historic Textiles" by Barber, or can get it, not only is
 >it fascinating reading, but it goes through this sort of secondary/primary
 >documentation vocabulary pitfall pretty well.

Can you give us a definition of this problem?



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