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:-) Yes, of course embroidery is a form of embellishment! (As anyone who
has 'embroidered' a story can tell you!)

The thing is, when looking at research sources that are typically
available, from books to journals to hardcore papers, the word 'embroidery'
is often used in a general sense -- it _doesn't_ mean 'to embellish with
decorative stitches', it means embellishment in general -- so it could be a
brocade, etc. If you are trying to research something to recreate it, this
can be a BIG pitfall -- you could be "stitching' something that was
actually woven! (Which is an excellent thing to do, and was done in period,
BUT -- you need you're 'imitating' it.) Sometimes, the writers are people
who don't have a clue about textiles, so they get the construction and
decoration techniques really wrong.

This especially occurs in early period and ancient period, which is an area
of especial interest to me. The question I was responding to -- or thought
I was responding to -- was about what are the big research problems
encountered, and that is my biggest: When and where does embroidery mean
needle and thread?


At 03:31 PM 4/23/2003 +1000, you wrote:

>At 12:16 AM 23/04/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> >As a newbie to the list, here is one of the biggest headaches I have while
> >doing my research, especially as regards early period and ancient period
> >needlework:  So many sources on these topics use "embroidery" to mean
> >embellishment, or think they are describing the needle and thread
> >decorations that their culture is most familiar with.
>But isn't embroidery a form of embellishment? And I'm not sure what the
>last comment means either?
> >If you have "Pre-Historic Textiles" by Barber, or can get it, not only is
> >it fascinating reading, but it goes through this sort of secondary/primary
> >documentation vocabulary pitfall pretty well.
>Can you give us a definition of this problem?
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