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Wed Apr 23 11:52:13 PDT 2003

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> Thanks for the heads up on Barber, Nancy. Any idea WHY her info on tablet
> weaving is wrong?

In her "Prehistoric Textiles", the captions on pages 120 and 121 are complete
codswallop.  The so-called Girdle of Ramses has been proven, way before she
published her book, to NOT be tabletwoven.  And the markings on the two
bronze pins are simply etched patterning, NOT marks of a tabletwoven textile.

I should also tell you that her work is not considered on a very high level
by European archaeological textile experts.  I must further admit that those
two glaring mistakes immediately turned me off even attempting to read the
book.  I will, however, if you would like, read through at least the tablet
weaving sections to see how close she's come to reality.


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