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Well, heck. Live and learn. Yes, I would -- I think an excellent way to
counter "bad scholarship" is to critique it, and have such critiques
available. Surely, lists like this present a good forum for that?

How do you feel about her bibliography? That was what really excited me.


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> > Thanks for the heads up on Barber, Nancy. Any idea WHY her info on tablet
> > weaving is wrong?
>In her "Prehistoric Textiles", the captions on pages 120 and 121 are complete
>codswallop.  The so-called Girdle of Ramses has been proven, way before she
>published her book, to NOT be tabletwoven.  And the markings on the two
>bronze pins are simply etched patterning, NOT marks of a tabletwoven textile.
>I should also tell you that her work is not considered on a very high level
>by European archaeological textile experts.  I must further admit that those
>two glaring mistakes immediately turned me off even attempting to read the
>book.  I will, however, if you would like, read through at least the tablet
>weaving sections to see how close she's come to reality.
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