[HNW] Re: how to price blackwork

lotsofteapots@charter.net lotsofteapots at charter.net
Wed Apr 23 13:39:50 PDT 2003

I am considering offering my services in blackworking to the cast at the
Renn Faire I am just getting involved in. The problm is I have never done
anything like this before and have no idea what/how to price. I don't want
to make it so exorbitant that no one wants it, but I don't want to sell
myself short either. Can anyone here who has done this before (Bjarne?) give
me some pointers? Thanks

Rebecca Schmitt
aka Agnes Cabot, wife of Master Peter Cabot
BRF FOF; Guilde of St. Lawrence

A room without books is like a body without a soul

lotsofteapots at charter.net

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