[HNW] OT - Design & Coptic History (long)

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Wed Apr 23 17:16:28 PDT 2003

There are a few Coptic embroideries - Favorite places to look at Coptic textiles?  V&A of course; British Museum and Louvre.

What amazes me is that each Coptic community apparently supported a textile workshop that produced a wide range of goods - from ordinary worker wear to luxury goods and that workshops adapted to the export demands - making different items for export to Byzantium than for export to North African cultures, Greek communities, etc.

I'm fascinated by Coptic culture as it has such a long, unbroken and enduring history.

Egyptian textiles are fascinating in general because of all their different cultural influences - Pharonic, Mesopotamian, Coptic, Islamic, Greek, Roman, French, English to name a few.

Linn Skinner

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