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> Well, heck. Live and learn. Yes, I would -- I think an excellent way to
> counter "bad scholarship" is to critique it, and have such critiques
> available. Surely, lists like this present a good forum for that?

I now have a splitting headache.  Just read pp. 118-122 on tablet weaving in
Barber's "Prehistoric Textiles" and I can not tell you how many ways she is
wrong.  What a mess.  Tablet weaving is not generally done backstrap;  she's
extrapolating from some modern practices. TW did not start in the Caucasus
area and spread to Mesopotamia and Egypt;  the earliest TW in Egypt is found
in the Coptic finds and was probably introduced by the Celts.  Oh good god,
the mind boggles.

> How do you feel about her bibliography? That was what really excited me.

An author can have a brilliant bibliography, but it does not mean that
they've used the information correctly.

Please read Barber with great care.


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