[HNW] trying to contact Bess Haddon of York

Kat kat at iprimus.com.au
Wed Apr 23 18:06:32 PDT 2003

thanks for the help
I will have to go searching fo rthe book....

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Hi there Kat,

I have some photos of this smock when I got to see the new British
Galleries in the V&A last year.

Good photos of this shirt appear in Sarah Don's "Traditional Embroidered
Animals", and in King and Levey's Textiles in the V&A 1200-1750 (not the
correct title but those who know the book should understand what I mean).

I'm actually in the process of embroidering some of these motifs on collar
and cuffs for midwinter.

                                          (Sydney, Australia)
                                          (Keridwen the Mouse, Rowany,

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