[HNW] trying to contact Bess Haddon of York

Christina L Biles bilescl at okstate.edu
Thu Apr 24 09:15:45 PDT 2003

>>>Good photos of this shirt appear in Sarah Don's "Traditional
Animals", and in King and Levey's Textiles in the V&A 1200-1750 (not the
correct title but those who know the book should understand what I mean).

*King, Donald; Levey, Santina M. (1993). The Victoria & Albert Museum's
textile collection : embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750. New York :
Canopy Books

-pic of most of the front
-plates from Shorleyker _A Schole House for the Needle_ - the images that
show up on the smock

*Levey, Santina M. (1983). Lace : a history. London: Victoria & Albert

-closeup of the cuff

*Hart, Avril & North, Susan. (1998). Fashion in detail : from the 17th and
18th centuries. New York : Rizzoli.

-line drawing of smock, including seams
-line drawing of cuff
-closeup detail picture of area around underarm gusset, including seam
finishing details

*Arnold, Janet. (1988). Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlocked . Leeds, [Eng.]
: Maney.

-detail pictures of various motifs

*There is a picture on the V&A website, and also one on Drea's site.


I've given up this morning.  The V&A website doesn't want to load today.
It is in the British Galleries in the Objects On-line.


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