[HNW] class on researching mistakes

Christina L Biles bilescl at okstate.edu
Fri Apr 25 07:20:27 PDT 2003

I said:
If Arnold contradicts Linthicum, is Arnold
>automatically correct?

Chris replied
>>In historical textiles, I actually don't think this is a bad starting
[stuff I agree with snipped]
>>I'd say Arnold _is_ better than Linthicum overall, at least where
they are both discussing the same subject

I reply:

I wasn't being clear.  My point was the blind assumption that the newer
source is _always_ correct.  I agree that Arnold is probably correct in a
one to one comparison of subject between Arnold and Linthicum, and almost
always correct in a comparison with Norris, but Arnold is not infallible.
If two authors disagree, it is the researcher's responsibility to evaluate
the evidence, not to blithely assume that one is correct.


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