[HNW] Dafydd's doublet

Bjarne og Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Sun Apr 27 05:04:05 PDT 2003

Dear Mistress Bunny.
Oh i am so sorry about your troubble with the eyes, i cross my fingers for
you, it is a nightmare.
You know i am well aware of my luck. It is something i think about often,
but i am nearsighted, so i have to use glasses when i embroider or make
lace. My eyes used to be very very fine, but age has turned me nearsighted.
The silk thread i have used for the suit was not twisted. It was a floss. It
comes from England, from Pipers Silk. It is the best quality i have ever
found, but it is also quite expensive. But it has the finest glossy effect
of all the threads i know. My thread was only 1 fold, so i used 2-4 threads
at a time because it is very thin and fine.
The other projekt, the francaise dress i make with chenille thread is
another thread. It is from Eterna Silk. It is a stranded silk floss. This is
thicker so it is also spedier to use. It is not as glossy and fine as Pipers
Silk, but it is more affordable and nice to use. I have just ordered more
than 300 skeins from them. They have such a lovely variety of colours, more
than 500. I said to myself resently, when i came back from England with a
lot of inspiration, that i should spoil myself a little because i am so
buisy with the embroidery, and spoiling myself would be to get a lot of
lovely colours of embroidery silk.
Now i am forceing myself to finish this embroidery for the francaise dress
so i can go on to a new projekt. The best moments is the planning of new
things. To get the right materials and the composition of the colours you
are going to use. It must be a lovely thing to be a designer for embroidery.
You only have to make a small sampler and not the tedious work to finish a
whole projekt. But this is not entirely right, i also love to sit and hear
my favourite concertos and embroider.
Why dont you use the time you have to take care of your eyes, to plan new
projekts? I surely hope the best for you, and i cross my fingers, and send
prayers also. Maybe it could help a little.............
Please let us hear how it goes for you in the future!

Best of luck


Leif og Bjarne Drews

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> Bjarne,
> Do you use twisted or flat silk? Just curious> I recently was given a few
> packets of silk embroidery floss - no name on the packets but beautiful
> colors. All several different colors from YLI. I have embroidered ON silk
> materials but not WITH silk...yet. I am planning a project, I like to plan
> ahead before I start anything and I have to tell you that I have been so
> inspired by your work Bjarne. Always look forward to hearing and seeing
> current garb project.
> Gee, guess this looks and sounds like a fan letter - guess it is. Right
> envious and sadly depressed as I cannot work on ANY embroidery due to
> serious problem with my eyes. Have to wait another 3 months to find out if
> they can do anything to help me, so right now I can only sit here and read
> about everyone else's projects.
> So, everyone, enjoy your works and be glad you can do them.
> Getting off my soapbox now,
> Mistress Bunny
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> Dear Kat.
> I think it is quite normal for people like us. Would you know, i baught
> in London and i want to make another embroidered suit. It is lovely to
> embroider.
> Bjarne
> Leif og Bjarne Drews
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> > Greetings and thank you.
> > It is great when you finish!!! But now, silly me, am about to start
> > another.... a embroidered chemise.....
> > Kat
> > Innilgard.
> >
> > > Hi.
> > > I looked at your doublet, it is wonderfull.
> > > Thanks for the pics.
> > > That feeling you have when you have finished a long time job is great,
> > dont
> > > you think?
> > > Congratulations....
> > >
> > > Leif og Bjarne Drews
> > > www.my-drewscostumes.dk
> > >
> > > http://home0.inet.tele.dk/drewscph/
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