[HNW] Dafydd's doublet

Kat kat at iprimus.com.au
Sun Apr 27 05:51:37 PDT 2003

Speaking professionally,
a 2 year eye exam is usually sufficient, unless you have health problems or
hereditary problems in the family.... having said that....
I have to see an ophthalmologist yearly as I am a glaucoma suspect and do
not want to lose my vision, as my grandfather in law is....

> Bunny -
> Seems like this year has been one for eye problems. I just signed back on
> after being gone for the better part of four months due to varying levels
> vision impairment. In fact, I just had my second (and hopefully final) eye
> surgery a week and a half ago. I've found my needlework to be easier than
> computer time since I am still quite photosensitive due to the irritation
> the sutures in my eye. I hope your eye problem resolves as successfully as
> mine seems t be doing.
> And on the soapbox note, folks, get a dilated eye exam once a year, even
> you think your eyes are perfectly fine. There are so many serious eye
> problems that are hard to fix once symptoms occur that have a simple
> solution if caught early. A lot of us take our vision for granted, but
> devastating to loose it.
> Mary/Katerine

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