[HNW] class on researching mistakes

Sarah Randles s-randles at adfa.edu.au
Mon Apr 28 00:07:58 PDT 2003

Charlene said:  What I'd like is suggestions of mistakes people commonly
make in
>doing research.  What sorts of things would you like to see included in
>such a class?

One that I find a lot in an SCA context is insufficient identification of
the context of the source, usually a work of art.  It's more a costuming
problem than an embroidery one, but I see a lot of stuff which is being
used in a specific context in religious art being picked out and used
entirely out of context for something secular.  I've been thinking about a
'recognise your saint and sybil' class for this purpose, so people can
appreciate that a lavishly embroidered headdress on an allegorical figure
doesn't necessarily reflect the standard embroidery practice on daily
clothing etc.

Another thing that a lot of people get ravelled up in is the whole
primary,secondary, tertiary source thing.  I've found it much simpler to
ask the question 'How close is the item I'm looking at (e.g. photo, line
drawing etc.) to the original embroidered article.

Something else that's worth considering is colour - both colour in
reproductions and colour of original articles are subject to change.

Not really mistakes per se, but things that people could be more aware of.

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