[HNW] Needlelace/Pattern-Darning Classes?

Rosemary Stecher stecher3 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 30 19:47:13 PDT 2003

There's a picture of a 15th century German towel in Staniland (p. 63).
Gudjonsson mentions two pattern-darned tablecloths from Norway and an
ecclesiatical embroidery from Germany, but I haven't tracked down her
references to see if there are photos of any of these. There is a very
bad picture of a piece that may be Italian (but might be Egyptian) at

Sue Clemenger mentioned Turkish pattern darning. The TI article is
Zaccagnino, Denise. "Sixteenth-Century Turkish Light Embroidery: Pattern
Darning," Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 111, Summer 1994, pp. 20-25.
There are many examples of this type of pattern darning, but the style
is very different from that of the Egyptian and Icelandic pieces. A
variation of this style, sometimes called double-darning, is used on the
Fetternear banner, an early 16th century Scottish embroidery.

I don't think I've seen the chalice veil you mention. Could you let me
know where you found it?

I'm sorry about not having the e-address on my web page, it's another
thing on my long list of things to fix someday.

stecher3 at comcast.net

"Hanson, Carol" wrote:
> Pattern-Darning:
> I've volunteered to teach this at an SCA event where the students are
> supposed to display (mostly) completed articles by the end of the day (so
> I'm *not* teaching needlelace! :-)).  I've got good examples from Egypt and
> Iceland, but nothing in between except one 16th c. chalice veil from England
> and the un-confirmed hint that people used it to fake Perugian towels.
> Anyone know of other pre-1600 European examples of this technique?   And is
> Mathilde Eschenbach/Rosemary Stecher on the list?  I'd love to talk to her
> about her on-line info, but couldn't find an e-mail address on her site.
> Thanks!
> - Carol Hanson (SCA: Caryl de Trecesson)
>   www.dragonbear.com

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