[HNW] Site and Feast Tokens And Favors

Mairi inghean Aonghais mairiaonghais at knighted-dreams.org
Thu Aug 14 14:35:28 PDT 2003

--- Sorry For The Cross Posting ---


I am doing a sub site on Site and Feast Tokens and Favors. 

I'm looking for information, thoughts, pictures, etc. on peoples favorite (and
least favorite) site and feast tokens/favors and ideas. Like what worked best
and what didn't. 

Please send replys privately. Images are excepted but must be sent in .gif or
.jpg format. Links to other sites are also greatly apreciated. 

Thank you for listning to my rambling.

Mairi inghean Aonghais (Changing Soon)
Knighted-Dreams.org (coming soon)

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