[HNW] Trevelyon's Commonplace Book

Karen karen_larsdatter at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 06:16:44 PDT 2003

The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, will feature an
exhibit on the Trevelyon manuscript in their collection from January
through May of next year.  The early 17th century manuscript includes a
very large section of embroidery patterns, including many that appear
in portraiture and extant examples from the late 16th century. 
(Compleat Anachronist #115 had a man's nightcap pattern taken from the
Trevelyon's manuscript.)

I hope that the book for the exhibit will include many of the
embroidery patterns from the manuscript -- I'll check with the curator
and see if she knows whether that will be the case.  There is no
facsimile edition of the Commonplace Book or its needlework patterns in
print at this time, though IIRC there was a limited edition of a later
version of the manuscript put out (I think by the Getty) many years
ago, but I don't know whether that later manuscript had any of the
embroidery patterns.


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