[HNW] Trevelyon's Commonplace Book

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Fri Aug 15 08:16:04 PDT 2003

These are the patterns, I believe, that were reprinted by 
the Walpole Society  (Vol. 41, 1966-1968) in their 
journal, in an article by J.L. Nevinson, "The Embroidery 
Patterns of Thomas Trevelyon."


On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 06:16:44 -0700 (PDT)
  Karen <karen_larsdatter at yahoo.com> wrote:
>The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, will 
>feature an
>exhibit on the Trevelyon manuscript in their collection 
>from January
>through May of next year.  The early 17th century 
>manuscript includes a
>very large section of embroidery patterns, including many 
>that appear
>in portraiture and extant examples from the late 16th 
>(Compleat Anachronist #115 had a man's nightcap pattern 
>taken from the
>Trevelyon's manuscript.)
>I hope that the book for the exhibit will include many of 
>embroidery patterns from the manuscript -- I'll check 
>with the curator
>and see if she knows whether that will be the case. 
> There is no
>facsimile edition of the Commonplace Book or its 
>needlework patterns in
>print at this time, though IIRC there was a limited 
>edition of a later
>version of the manuscript put out (I think by the Getty) 
>many years
>ago, but I don't know whether that later manuscript had 
>any of the
>embroidery patterns.
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