[HNW] Elizabethan Embroidery Colors

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Finding pictures is the easy part, it is this is how it was done that the
Laurels beat one up on.  They want written proof that they were attached to
X this way or that.  I am almost positive that you met Grizel and she has
www.medievalbeads.com.  If it is not the same person then please do post the

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<< If only I could document beadwork I would be a

very happy camper.  >>


I know that this post is old, forgive me for answering so late---I have been
at the Pennsic War.

Beadwork is most definitely period. There are numerous examples of items in
which the designs are completely filled with beads. As a matter of fact, one
lady at the A&S display at Pennsic was showing the photographs she took of a
beaded purse in the V&A dated sometime in the 14th century (I'm fuzzy on the
exact date, so please don't quote me on that). It was gorgeous. Lots of
close ups
of the beads. When I get unpacked I will post the URL for her website where
the photos are posted.

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