[HNW] Laurel Bead Bashing (was: Elizabethan Embroidery Colors )

Mon Aug 18 08:02:53 PDT 2003

Oh, give me a break!  I'm not a Laurel (obviously? heh!) but that's a bit far
off.  I can understand the question -- it's a perfectly reasonable question --
but if the woman who is most known for researching beadwork for the SCA period
can't provide that type of documentation on her site, then they shouldn't beat
you up for lacking it.  Documentation can only be as good as what's available,
unless you're trying to be known for your primary research.  (Not a bad thing,
of course!)

Alternative?  Write to the V&A! or any other museum with a piece you're
interested in.  Ask how the piece is held together.  The people who restore and
maintain these are often quite happy to discuss them with intelligent outsiders.

- Carol Hanson (SCA: Caryl de Trecesson)

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Finding pictures is the easy part, it is this is how it was done that the
Laurels beat one up on.  They want written proof that they were attached to
X this way or that.  I am almost positive that you met Grizel and she has
www.medievalbeads.com.  If it is not the same person then please do post the

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