[HNW] Laurel Bead Bashing (was: Elizabethan Embroidery Colors)

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The suggestion to contact the museum is a good one. I have had luck on two
occasions getting my questions answered by contacting the Textiles Curator
at two different museum, on of which was the V&A.  When all else fails, it's
a good place to turn.

Lady Genevieve

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> Oh, give me a break!  I'm not a Laurel (obviously? heh!) but that's a bit
> off.  I can understand the question -- it's a perfectly reasonable
question --
> but if the woman who is most known for researching beadwork for the SCA
> can't provide that type of documentation on her site, then they shouldn't
> you up for lacking it.  Documentation can only be as good as what's
> unless you're trying to be known for your primary research.  (Not a bad
> of course!)
> Alternative?  Write to the V&A! or any other museum with a piece you're
> interested in.  Ask how the piece is held together.  The people who
restore and
> maintain these are often quite happy to discuss them with intelligent
> - Carol Hanson (SCA: Caryl de Trecesson)
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> Finding pictures is the easy part, it is this is how it was done that the
> Laurels beat one up on.  They want written proof that they were attached
> X this way or that.  I am almost positive that you met Grizel and she has
> www.medievalbeads.com.  If it is not the same person then please do post
> URL.
> Auriana
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