[HNW] Laurels, Beads, and the Nature of Knowledge

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<chuckle> Yeah-I can embroider, and I can couch-stitch quite nicely, I
think. But please, do not ask me to hand-sew a straight seam. IT doesn't
stay straight for long. <G>
That is why I prefer a machine for my long seams. <G> I am a neat-seam

Good luck on your hunt!


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That is true.  As far as I am concerned when I judge if it sounds iffy then
I question the parts that sound so.  But things like beading or some of the
more obscure embroidery (if there is such) and I know that there is not a
lot of documentation out there then I judge on the quality of the
research/documentation and the work itself.  If I were to judge something
like what you described, I would be so interested to see the documentation.
I like to hand sew some but like for the project that I am about to start
now on velvet I had much rather sew with a machine just so that I would feel
secure that the project would not fall apart.  But I will be trying my best
for it to be done well with my hand sewing.  I to am friends with the Laurel
that walked away but she has been very helpful in guiding me to look in a
different direction on some of my research that I never would have even
thought of.  The part of them opening something to look at the backs and the
stitches drives me crazy...it is just a personal thing and I can prove that
they had knots and other oopsies on the back as well.  But anyway I will not
go there.

Good luck on your research.

"So long as we love we serve; So long as we are loved by others, We are
indispensable; And no man is useless while he has a friend."  Unknown.

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