[HNW] Laurels, Beads, and the Nature of Knowledge

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That is what I thought a laurel is to be also.  However, this Laurel can
make her own glass beads, but does no beaded embroidery or beadwork of any

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>This was asked the other weekend at Gleann Abhann 5th and I told that
>Laurel, I have yet to find the kind of documentation that you are wanting,
>all I have is pictures.  And she replied well then you are not looking hard
>enough.  I then had to ask her if she had any info or know of a place
>(books, websites etc) that I could go digging through that I may have over
>looked or do not know about?  She replied no and walked off.  Our judges in
>Meridies are really strict, and there are very few judges who are not Peers
>or Protégé/Apprentice that are well known for research or have an expertise
>in some area.

My guess is that, at best, she was being unhelpful, and, at worst, she was
being rude.  The "you're just not looking hard enough" response somehow
implies that the speaker has found it and you haven't.  But where I come
from (kingdom of the West) Laurels are supposed to be part of the solution,
not part of the problem.

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