[HNW] Laurels, Beads, and the Nature of Knowledge

Canyon Keep Enterprises ladymari at cybertrails.com
Mon Aug 18 19:21:46 PDT 2003

My guess is that, at best, she was being unhelpful, and, at worst, she was 
being rude.  The "you're just not looking hard enough" response somehow 
implies that the speaker has found it and you haven't.  But where I come 
from (kingdom of the West) Laurels are supposed to be part of the solution, 
not part of the problem.

Ditto here in Atenveldt. We are expected to be helping people with their projects and teaching them how to do good documentation, not tearing them down or telling them they aren't working hard enough!

Mairi, Atenveldt {Maistreas Mairi Broder}
Mary, ARizona
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