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That is better than the tailor's charo-chalk that I used last night.  I
might have been better if the charo-chalk was not yellow.  I still went over
it with a water soluble pen so blindy here could see it.

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To make accurate marking on your fabric, i use tracing paper. I draw the
pattern with a sharp soft pencil to the tracing paper. Then i blow away all
the pencil dust when it is finished, turns the paper around so that the
pencil marks turns down towards the fabric. I place the paper to the fabric
and when it is positioned where you want it, i pin the paper to the fabric.
Then i draw on the other side of the paper (wich is transperant) on top of
the marks i made first.
The result gives a very fine pencil line on the fabric. Some places there
might be some missing points, but you generally can draw them after you have
transferred the pattern.
When i examined a real 18th century unfinnished embroidered dress, i noticed
that this also had pencil drawing on the fabric, so the method is old.


Leif og Bjarne Drews

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> What do you use to mark patterns on fabric? And how do you keep the fabric
> from shifting when transferring the pattern to it?
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