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When the patterns are small enough & on light colour cloth, I trace them by placing against a window using a charcoal pencil or light drawing pencil. You can find charcoal pencils in a variety of colours other than black. The pencils make a finer point than chaulk & they wash out well. I reccommend using a lighter colour like pale grey or white. Chaulk & charcoal work well on the reverse of a pattern, then draw over the top lines with your cloth underneath - if it's small, rubbing with your thumbnail will transfer the line. There's also a pencil available that irons on after tracing over your pattern. It comes in a pale reddish colour so it doesn't work on darker cloth. I don't know where you live, but our local Walmart & fabric stores have them.  
Hope this helps! Dyan 
lotsofteapots at charter.net wrote:
What do you use to mark patterns on fabric? And how do you keep the fabric
from shifting when transferring the pattern to it?

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