[HNW] Re: Wiki website

Laren laren at webcon.net.au
Wed Aug 27 18:08:09 PDT 2003

At 08:34 PM 27/08/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Interesting and a good starting structure.
>Perhaps this has already been answered: How do you monitor
>the content of what is posted (like removing materials that are
>only marginally relevant to the topic they are posted under)?
>I'm really curious how you manage the site if it's really
>an open contribution forum.  Can you inform users their
>information has been deleted?


So far it hasn't been a problem because I've only had a couple of 
contributions so far. Most of the stuff I've put up.

As far as monitoring, I check it everyday. By going to the Recent Changes 
page, I can see what pages have been worked on. I just have a quick look 
and see what has been done. For example, there was some beadwork info 
added, the person deleted all the formatting info. So I just put it back in 
but left their contribution there.

As far as deleting info, so far it hasn't been a problem.

If something is deleted, there is no automatic notification of those 
deletions. If I was to delete something, I would put a note in there saying 
firstly, that it had been deleted and secondly, why.

I would only delete something if it was very obviously incorrect or not 
relevant (I am thinking of deleting the Celtic Irish section, since as far 
as I am aware, there really isn't any evidence for this as a legitimate 
topic, but at the moment, I am leaving it there with a note stating my 
doubts about it as a topic).

If someone else decides to delete info, there really isn't anything I can 
do about it. Except that I keep a daily backup of the site and if someone 
decides to be an idiot and delete everything, I do have a back up.

Does this answer your questions?

I really would like other people to contribute, even if its just adding a 
line or two for eg, do you know of an extant peice in a certain style?? Why 
not add that!


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